The Titanic Disaster: Limerick Connections (Apr 1912)

The Titanic Disaster: Limerick Connections (Apr 1912)

The following people from Limerick bought their tickets in advance for the RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage, which sailed from Queenstown, Co. Cork on the 11th April 1912.

  • Joseph Foley (Broadford)
  • Patrick Lane (Limerick City)
  • Daniel James Moran (Askeaton)
  • Thomas O’Brien (Pallasgreen)
  • Patrick Ryan (Askeaton)
  • James Scanlan (Rathkeale)
  • Margaret Madigan (Askeaton)
  • Bertha Bridget Moran (Askeaton)
  • Daniel Keane (Limerick City)
  • Miss Nora A. Keane (Castleconnell)
  • Hannah O’Brien (Kyle)
  • Nellie O’Dwyer (Limerick City)
  • John Kennedy (Limerick City)

There were also passengers from Limerick on board who did not originally plan on sailing on the Titanic. Three were due to travel to New York via the SS Cymric on Easter Sunday, the 7th of April. But due to the coal strike, the Cymric was delayed. They were then transferred to the list of passengers on the Titanic. They were

  • Patrick Dooley (Knockainey)
  • Patrick Colbert (Abbeyfeale)
  • Maurice O’Connor (living in Ballinloughane, but originally from Boherbue, Co. Cork.)

There were also cases where Limerick people who intended to sail on the Titanic  (but not having arrangements completed in time) travelled on the RMS Mauretania the following Sunday.

Profiles of the Limerick passengers
Thomas O’Brien and Hannah O’Brien (née Godfrey) from Grean, Limerick eloped and were taking the Titanic to New York. Hannah was 2 months pregnant at the time. John Kennedy, from 1 Rosemary Place, Watergate, Limerick City, celebrated his 20th birthday by boarding the Titanic and Daniel Moran, Bertha Moran, Patrick Ryan, & Margaret Madigan, were all from Askeaton. They travelled together to Queenstown, Co. Cork and stayed at the McDonnell rooming house at The Beach on the eve of sailing.

Photo taken Fr. Browne of the two tenders side by side as the passengers board.
Photo taken Fr. Browne of the two tenders side by side as the passengers board at Queenstown

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