The Censorship Movement in Limerick (Nov 1913)

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 07.07.03The Limerick Vigilance Committee was especially active from 1911 to 1914. They first came to notice in 1911 when they succeeded in confiscating a consignment of English newspapers at the train station, which they burned in public. For this act they garnered the National headlines and were looked upon as the vanguard of the movement by other Vigilance Committees. They held their largest rally in Limerick city on the 29th November 1913.

This large meeting was attended by nearly 5,000 citizens of Limerick who protested against “the sale of evil literature in the city.” The meeting was organised by the Limerick Vigilance Committee and was held at the O’Connell Statue. Several city bands were also present and the Limerick Chronicle made note of those who were present on the platform addressing the crowd, the lists includes politicians, public servants, professionals, the clergy and business men.BZCrREtCIAArLUy

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